Special. Personal.
Everyone knows those days when even your own 4 walls feel foreign. Pulse of Home was founded with the idea that a beautiful home is important for a good life quality. That's why we offer a wide range of personalizable, artistic products. And all at a fair price.

From person to person.
This sentence is perhaps a little difficult to comprehend at first glance, but as the 3rd generation of the oldest screen printing company in Munich, the special relationship with the customer and the employees, was already laid in my cradle by my father. Pulse of Home lives this principle with every order. For us, an order remains not just a number in the system, but the opportunity to put a smile on someone's face.

At Pulse of Home sustainability is built into everything we do. There is a strong emphasis on sustainable growth and a family-oriented team. From production to delivery to your doorstep, this naturally includes a completely carbon neutral supply chain. We believe that offsetting our own emissions is not enough, so for every KG we emit, we offset twice that. Therefore, in 2020, we have offset over 400 tons of CO² by planting trees.