Sustainability means a lot to us, since our products wouldn't exists without the natural materials from forests. Creating beautiful homes is our purpose, and by doing so we must ensure our collective home "mother earth" blossoms by our endeavor. We constantly strive to improve our production process to reduce our impact on our environment, where reduction is not possible we compensate by planting trees ensuring that we are a climate neutral business.


FSC-certified materials - Printed on eco-labelled paper

All products sold by Pulse of Home, whether art prints or picture frames are made using wood harvested in a responsible way that provides environmental, social and economic benefits for everyone involved. 


Climate neutral Shipping & Returns

All our orders are shipped exclusively with DHL Go Green so we can guarantee you a climate neutral shopping experience.


Sustainable electricity

All electricity used in our production and other business process uses exclusively electricity from sustainable sources. 


We love planting trees

No matter how much we try to reduce and reuse we realize that there is always an environmental cost to producing quality products. We therefore compensate all our emissions by planting trees and have sofar planted over 5000+ trees and counting.